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  1. its a hosted unix server so that path wouldnt apply. Is there a way i can query the environment to see where the fonts are?
  2. I've been playing around with the iimagettfbbox function. The PHP is running on a hosted unix server so I uploaded the TTF font to the same directory as my PHP and everything works. Just curious if there is a way to access the "system" fonts so that I dont need to provide my own copy. Thanks
  3. Both of these ideas are good. Thanks. I've been playing around with iimagettfbbox. I was able to send it the (know size) of the iframe and the font and size I am using. I then wrote a little function that determines how many lines the article will take up. From this I should be able to compute the size of the next article and see if there is enough room to display it or not. Since the PHP is running on a hosted unix server I uploaded the TTF font. I assume there is no way around this? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your reply. I do think I want to completely hide articles that wont fit. The way thing usually work out is that 6 or 7 articles completely fit, either perfectly using up all 10 lines, or with just one empty blank line at the bottom. I would rather have the one blank line then have it break the story. The question is really how to go about this. How do I get the PHP to calculate that displayed at X font size and frame size Y that story 1 of XXX characters will take up 2 lines? So that the PHP can serve up the correct number of articles.
  5. Im capturing RSS data via a PHP script and then displaying it via an iframe in my HTML. The RSS articles obviously vary in length and I can only fit 10 lines total of text in the iframe. What I want to do is only display enough text so a new article wont be started if it wont display in its entirety in the iframe. Normally I would think this would need to be done on the browser side as the server wouldn't know about the size of the iframe, font size etc. In this particular case all of that can be determined as this is only going to run a single specific kiosk. I'm not sure how to begin
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