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  1. Not a typical "mail-merge" app more of a standard letter based on inputs. I am working on the following: Load existing docx into a preview panel. Done this stripped xml and wrapped <p></p> around newlines (\n). Highlight text in panel to create field So I use the mouse to highlight text. on release a pop-up arrives and replaces the text with an input from the user for the field-name i.e {{Name}}. This is stored in a grid on another panel. So far this is a standard "mail merge" markup facility. Your thoughts Within the document there are paragraphs than can be one or the other. (Boolean Field) and (Drop down - Select). All the markup is held in a mySQL database on completion. Now that I have written the post I believe it becoming clearer in my mind. Any thoughts of doing it differently or is there something similar already.
  2. Hello All, I am Darrell and just recovering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage "Bleed in the brain". I can remember some things with php and not all. Before the episode I was designing websites and applications using various web technologies.
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