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  1. Thanks! Turns out, I was missing something (php_openssl.dll extension was commented out) in my php ini. It works now.
  2. Thanks, I changed those to brackets. I am still getting the error and still receiving the email.
  3. I am submitting an email form that posts to a php page. The form is being sent, I'm receiving the email but I am getting "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred." message rather than the landing/success page. I needed to update the reCAPTCHA on the site. The only thing I've changed/added in the code is the part at the bottom, starting at $url. I'm not familiar with php, any help would be appreciated. <?php $email = "email@email.com"; $from = $_REQUEST['Email'] ; $name = $_REQUEST['Name'] ; $headers = "From: $from"; $subject = "Online Contact
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