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  1. gizmola: Thankyou for your detailed reply. The one thing I do know is that the servers are separate. The last paragraph in your reply is the bit that I think has answered my question. In that its a FIFO, but only on short queries. So the answer being that it can run multiple queries at the same time while another is still finishing off is what I was after. I could be more specific in my question as I did not know that correct phrases to use. Thank you again for your reply.
  2. I just wondered if anyone knows of a site that can give me more information on the way MySQL actually processes the queries made from any account on the server. What I am wanting to know is, if a server has multiple sites are the queries processed in strick order for each account or across all account quries made ?
  3. No FTP, just a design suite to upload images and alter text. Just going back to my original question... can I change a setting somewhere to stop Frontpage from altering the files hyperlinks with file:// and just save the file as is ?
  4. We are off on a tangent.... They use website builder that does not offer back or access to very much. The point is that I am just after a way to grab 'all' pages without having to save each one manually and try finding the others I may have missed. Frontpage does it, but I have then go in each and every file to change the links before I can start anything.
  5. Yes from a website, I on the rare occasion import someones website to rework it, but they do not have access to the actual files as their provider only gives admin rights to create/edit the site not take an offline backup. They have some of their original images but not all as they site is very old. So looking for a basic import website software that leaves it all as is.
  6. @requinix The standard import function of Frontpage alters the hyperlinks to file:// I was only wanting to continue using what I have always used but have it save the page as is. If this is not possible with Frontpage then I am looking for a replacement tools, preferably free as it is rarely used, that will not alter the file content. As I have to go in to each file and change it back to the correct link, which takes ages if there are lots of files.
  7. Thank you for your reply to my question. Please can you advise on which editor I could try that will not edit the page content when imported ? Thank you
  8. I am wanting to know if it is possible to import without Frontpage changing the hyperlinks in files and use original text, and if so how. Thank you
  9. I am looking for feedback on my website to see what people think on its design and usability and if anyone can suggest any changes to improve its performance. I only wish to use the shortcode url as I do not wish for my site to show up in googles results via any forums. https://goo.gl/uvTwue Thank you
  10. HI All, I wanted to post on this site in the Website Critique forum but I can not. Is there another place on this site where I can get general advice on how my site is doing ? Cheers
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