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  1. Thanks for the useful comment, i will revise and remove unnecessary variable; although the problem was due to commas on type specifier on bind param() changed to; $stmt = $connection->prepare("INSERT INTO users (firstname,lastname,username,password,date_created,status_id) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?)"); $stmt->bind_param("sssssi", $firstname, $lastname, $username, $hashed_password, $date_created, $status_id); and it worked!..
  2. Am just a beginner in PHP, am trying to implement user registration using bellow codes. But when am testing to register a user am getting "No data supplied for parameters in prepared statement" error please anyone with an idea please help.. session_start(); require_once ( "../include/config.php" ); require_once ( "../functions/functions.php" ); $message = array(); //check if the form has been submitted if ( isset($_POST['submitted']) ) { $firstname = sanitize( $connection, $_POST['firstname'] ); $lastname = sanitize( $connection, $_POST['lastname'] ); $username = sanitize( $connecti
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