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  1. Hello, I've got a text file that contains a menu structure: HEADER 1 ITEM1 > ITEM1-1.HTML (or PHP) ITEM2 > ITEM1-2.HTML (or PHP) HEADER 2 ITEM1 > ITEM2-1.HTML (or PHP) ITEM2 > ITEM2-2.HTML (or PHP) ITEM3 > ITEM2-3.HTML (or PHP) I'd like to use Javascript to build this menu, so that if I make a change (either add or delete to the text file) it is reflected in the web application. The menu should be vertical, left-aligned with the content appearing on the right pane. +----------+---------------------------------------------+ | ITEM | CONTENT | | | | | | | +----------+---------------------------------------------+ Can someone direct me to a library that could do something like this? Thx, M
  2. Jeez... of course, that was the issue. I was beating my head against the wall to figure this out. So simple to fix. Thank you!
  3. Hi, So I have a form with various fields. One is a CHECKBOX - if the user wants the app to generate a password, they check this. Then I have a password field where the input type is password. On the checkbox, I have ONCLICK to execute a piece of javascript called generatepassword. Inside that code, I call a PHP function to create the password. function generatePassword() { // Get the checkbox var checkBox = document.getElementById("generateuserpassword"); // Get the output text var passvalue = document.getElementById("setuserpassword"); // If the checkbox is checked, display the output text if (checkBox.checked == true) { // Generated password. User may or may not have accepted this passvalue.value = '<?php echo genPassword(15); ?>'; passvalue.disabled = true; } } When I view the source I do see this: // Generated password. User may or may not have accepted this passvalue.value = 'S<?#{FrZ[COB7AG'; passvalue.disabled = true; and I use some code to get the post variables $userpassword = htmlspecialchars($_POST['setuserpassword']); When I print out $userpassword it is always BLANK. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have confirmed the input type, id and name.
  4. Old post, but thought I'd leave this here for others. When I was setting up my DB, I was trying to do things on paper - doesn't work. Found this site - https://www.dbdesigner.net/ - which is free, and if you need more it's still very inexpensive. Allows you to create your DB and export into actionable SQL statement. It was a lifesaver for me!
  5. Wow - that was incredibly easy to join! NO hoops to go through, giving up your first born (or second, or even third). So I'm an old-time PHP programmer, but over the last 12-years left IT and have been working as a senior manager in Customer Operations. Love what I do, but really miss programming. After some research I've come upon a niche project that I think I can do better (than the few other companies in town that develop similar systems) and am now re-learning PHP, MySQL, JAVA, JavaScript... it's not easy! It took me the better part of 6-hours to create a simple form, do basic validation on it and write the contents to a MySQL DB. Jeez!!! Talk about rusty wheels. How basis is the form... check it out. Anyway I joined a couple of FB PHP groups ... and ... well, lets just say, I don't know if I will learn anything there so searched out PHP forums -- where I initially got my start and learned a lot from. Wish I could remember those early forums I was on, I learned so much from the professionals that I developed my first SaaS APP which was a page generator. This was at a time when you could game Google results easily. I developed the app, set-up my own dedicated server and sold subscriptions to it. It was successful - but of course this was around the time I moved into Customer Operations (and left IT). Wound down the app and focused on the job. Now here I am, 12-years later relearning and building as I go.
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