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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me on this. I love forums like this where coders are just there to help each other. I wish my email notifications were working though as i only just saw this. I spent another 2 hours trying to get it to work and managed to fudge it. I like your way much better though so i'll use your code. Here's my sloppy attempt. Feels good that i worked through it and learned a few things about php. <?php // Create a table from a csv file echo "<html><body><table>\n\n"; $f = fopen("speedtest.csv", "r"); while (($line
  2. Hi, I have cobbled together some code to display output from a speedtest csv as a php page. The output shows the data exactly how i want but leaves the url as text. I would like the url replaced with href to make it a link. I have included my attempts but this is not working. I feel like im close but ${1} is not putting the link into the href. Before: http://www.richardbignell.co.uk/speedtest.php After: http://www.richardbignell.co.uk/speedtest1.php As you can see it shows the link as i want but the link contains nothing. What am i doing wrong? I'm
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