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    Dividing $obj->width() output by 2?

    Thank you very much for your help 😊
  2. Chrisnaj

    Dividing $obj->width() output by 2?

    Here it is (thanks!): <?php if(isset($_REQUEST['action'])){ $action = $_REQUEST['action']; } else { echo 'ERROR'; exit; } if($action == 'MORE_IMAGES'){ if(isset($_REQUEST['ids'])){ $ids = explode(',', $_REQUEST['ids']); } else { echo 'ERROR'; exit; } if(isset($_REQUEST['category'])){ $category = $_REQUEST['category']; } else { echo 'ERROR'; exit; } if(isset($_REQUEST['category_id'])){ $category_id = $_REQUEST['category_id']; } else { echo 'ERROR'; exit; } if(isset($_REQUEST['from'])){ $from = $_REQUEST['from']; } else { echo 'ERROR'; exit; } $list = new Images($category); $list->query_list($ids); $list->reset(); $i = $from; while(list($id, $obj) = $list->each()){ echo '<img id="thumbnail-'.$i++.'" class="thumbnail" src="'.$obj->tsrc().'" title="'.$obj->artist().'" data-id="'.$obj->id().'"/>'; } } else if($action == 'IMAGE_DATA'){ if(isset($_REQUEST['id'])){ $id = $_REQUEST['id']; } else { echo 'ERROR'; exit; } $sql = ' SELECT nb_artist.nb_artist_name as name, '.sql_clean_href('nb_artist.nb_artist_name').' as href FROM nb_artist LEFT JOIN nb_image_artist USING (nb_artist_id) WHERE nb_image_id = "'.$id.'" '; $rows = $GLOBALS['IDB']->get_results($sql, ARRAY_A); $artist = '<a href="/'.$rows[0]['href'].'">'.$rows[0]['name'].'</a>'; $data = ''; $styles = new Styles(); $sql = ' SELECT nb_style.nb_style_name as name, '.sql_clean_href('nb_style.nb_style_name').' as href FROM nb_style LEFT JOIN nb_image_style USING (nb_style_id) WHERE nb_image_id = "'.$id.'" '; $rows = $GLOBALS['IDB']->get_results($sql, ARRAY_A); foreach($rows as $row){ if($styles->exists_by_href($row['href'])){ $data .= '<li><a href="/'.$row['href'].'">'.$row['name'].'</a></li>'; } } $subjects = new Subjects(); $sql = ' SELECT nb_subject.nb_subject_name as name, '.sql_clean_href('nb_subject.nb_subject_name').' as href FROM nb_subject LEFT JOIN nb_image_subject USING (nb_subject_id) WHERE nb_image_id = "'.$id.'" '; $rows = $GLOBALS['IDB']->get_results($sql, ARRAY_A); foreach($rows as $row){ if($subjects->exists_by_href($row['href'])){ $data .= '<li><a href="/'.$row['href'].'">'.$row['name'].'</a></li>'; } } $obj = new Image($id); echo ' <img id="prev-image" src="/wp-content/themes/nb/css/bg/arrow-previous.png"> <img id="next-image" src="/wp-content/themes/nb/css/bg/arrow-next.png"> <figure> <img src="'.$obj->src().'" title="'.$obj->artist().'" style="max-width:'.$obj->width().'px;"/> <figcaption class="clearfix">© '.date('Y').' '.$artist.'</figcaption> </figure> <div class="keywords"> <strong>See also</strong> <ul class="clearfix">'.$data.'</ul> <p id="logged-in-image-link">http://www.nbillustration.co.uk/image/'.$id.'/</p> </div>'; } else if($action == 'IMAGE_DATA_SHORT'){ if(isset($_REQUEST['id'])){ $id = $_REQUEST['id']; } else { echo 'ERROR'; exit; } $obj = new Image($id); echo ' <figure> <img src="'.$obj->src().'" title="'.$obj->artist().'" style="max-width:'.$obj->width().'px;"/> <figcaption class="clearfix">© '.date('Y').' '.$obj->artist().'</figcaption> </figure>'; } ?>
  3. Chrisnaj

    Dividing $obj->width() output by 2?

    Hi Barand, thanks for getting back so quickly. Just wondering if you've got an answer to my specific question re dividing the image width in 2 using the code I quoted?
  4. Hello. I'm not a PHP coder (more frontend dev) but I've been tasked with tweaking some PHP. Specifically, the client wants to upload double-sized images but still get the image to display at the original size. At the moment, when an image is uploaded (via a custom image manager) the width of the image is noted and an inline style is generated within a file called ajax_actions.php: $obj = new Image($id); <img src="'.$obj->src().'" title="'.$obj->artist().'" style="max-width:'.$obj->width().'px;"/> The code I'm interested in is this: style="max-width:'.$obj->width().'px;" Is there any way of introducing a calculation to halve the size of the uploaded image into the empty brackets following width, something like: $obj->width(/2) ? I can't, at the moment, do any tests on the file myself, so I'm looking for information as to how it should be done. If I haven't supplied enough info please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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