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    How to fix error setting SSL with certbot using?

    "www.products-catalog.nilov- sergey -demo-apps. tk " does not resolve to an IP address. You need either an "A" or a "CNAME" record for "www.products-catalog.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk" An "A" record will point to the IP address. But if "www.products-catalog.nilov- sergey -demo-apps. tk" has the same IP as "products-catalog.nilov- sergey -demo-apps. tk", then you can use a "CNAME" record pointing to "products-catalog.nilov- sergey -demo-apps. tk"
  2. Steven74

    Need Critique on my site https://pixelsouth.com

    Pretty good looking site. You should test it with Google PageSpeed Insights. It doesn't get a very high score right now (62). Making it faster can improve your rankings. Also try WebPageTest.org. Load time is about 3.1s. Try keeping it under 1s.
  3. Steven74

    ErrorDocument 403 Does Not Work

    Have you tried: ErrorDocument 403 https://www.yourwebsite.com/path/403.html
  4. Until a couple of years ago, I used CodeCharge Studio to develop PHP applications to manage databases. Unfortunately, the software was abandoned and it supports PHP only up to version 5.x Do any of you know about a similar GUI to create MySQL data navigators and forms rapidly? With CodeCharge Studio, I was able to build a search filter, data grid and record form under 30 minutes with full validation, authentication and access level support. Thank you for your help!

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