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  1. "www.products-catalog.nilov- sergey -demo-apps. tk " does not resolve to an IP address. You need either an "A" or a "CNAME" record for "www.products-catalog.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk" An "A" record will point to the IP address. But if "www.products-catalog.nilov- sergey -demo-apps. tk" has the same IP as "products-catalog.nilov- sergey -demo-apps. tk", then you can use a "CNAME" record pointing to "products-catalog.nilov- sergey -demo-apps. tk"
  2. Pretty good looking site. You should test it with Google PageSpeed Insights. It doesn't get a very high score right now (62). Making it faster can improve your rankings. Also try WebPageTest.org. Load time is about 3.1s. Try keeping it under 1s.
  3. Have you tried: ErrorDocument 403 https://www.yourwebsite.com/path/403.html
  4. Until a couple of years ago, I used CodeCharge Studio to develop PHP applications to manage databases. Unfortunately, the software was abandoned and it supports PHP only up to version 5.x Do any of you know about a similar GUI to create MySQL data navigators and forms rapidly? With CodeCharge Studio, I was able to build a search filter, data grid and record form under 30 minutes with full validation, authentication and access level support. Thank you for your help!
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