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  1. UPDATE2: Reinstalled the three modules. All filesizes now greater than zero. Restarted http and attempted to open the webtrees URL for the install - advised that gd and php_mysql still not enabled. Checked their respective .ini and each does have the extension statement for the module. Not sure what to check next.
  2. UPDATE: I had originally did a find to ensure that the modules were located in the same directory - just now listed the files (ls) in the directory and noticed that the modules in question have a 0 (zero) file length so it would appear the install did not complete properly - am now going to look into why that is the case.
  3. I am testing out a Fedora28 platform for a possible replacement for my webtrees server. I have Fedora28 installed in a VirtualBox VM and have a working LAMP configuration. When I open the webtrees URL to do the install, I am getting the message that several needed modules are disabled (pdo, pdo_mysql and gd). I installed those modules and have confirmed that they are located in the same directory as the other modules ( usr/lib64/php/modules). I checked their respective .ini files in the php.d directory and updated each with the statement extension=modulename (i.e. extension=gd). After both restarting Apache and rebooting the VM I am still getting the same error messages from webtrees. Not sure what else to check. Configuration: OS=Fedora28, Apache=2.4, PHP=7.2.9 P.S. All installs done with the default repositories.
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