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  1. I would like here to express my deep gratitude to Barand who is helping me like I never imagined.
  2. Not really. But only the timing table is not complete as the person assigned to fill it was off today. That's why I'm late filling it. I want to send the .sql file to you. How to do this ?? Update: Please use this link to view my .sql dumb file: http://barbary.info/barbary.online/database.sql
  3. No No , I'm preparing the full data for you. This is only an example for the completed table.
  4. Sure I can provide you will all the data, it is no secret. The last table to be filled is like this: As you see, the date and time re in 1 column, the location is already added as each location has to timings 1 starts 9:30 AM and 1 starts 1:00 PM. As you figured out this is exam location schedule.
  5. Sure. It looks like this. and every location has 2 assigned timings per day.
  6. Sorry if I forgot to mention the locations . Every location has 2 timings per day. So please assume that locations are already assigned with timings.
  7. Dear Barand, My objective is to allocate 1 person with role 1 and 1 person with role 2 in a timing randomly without repeating. To fill all timings with this combination. Thanks
  8. Dears, Really thanks for your replies. I have about 100 people with 2 roles (1: phd, 2:employee) I also have about 68 places and about 120 timings I should select 1 phd and 1 employee in each timing I should repeat if all people assigned before. Also, I can repeat in the same day but in another timing. timing is like following: Roles: Places: Thanks and really appreciated.
  9. Dears, I really need your help. I have a project for automatically assign people to exams locations and timings. I have 3 tables, 1 containing places, 1 timings, 1 people and their roles. I want a query that assign 1 person from role 1 and 1 person from role 2 with a timing and a place and to do this randomly and equally . So, it will repeat the person only if all people are assigned before. I really appreciate your help. This is as far as I could research ... this example UPDATE member m1 JOIN ( select id, floor(1+rand()*10) as rnd from member ) m2 on m1.id=m2.id JOIN names n on n.id = m2.rnd SET m1.name=n.name But this doesn't do all, please accept my great apology. Mahmoud
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