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  1. just a question, for my clarity in understanding; when you say, "syntax to get something in it would be $row["name of column"] without any [0]s or [1]s." The [0] and [1]s were there because I read (on SO/stackoverflow) that is how it will determine the first and second $row to read. given the example of $row["nameofcolumn"] yes, that does work when just a single search, such as previously / originally posted Here. I was trying, ha, to find the means to retrieving the two columns. (then i would have to expand that into 'however many' are requested. such as more than just 2. etc. anyways, just thought I would mention that. logically, it reads well.. but it seems as though it needs more than just logic. lol creativity indeed. Thanks for all your help.. i will have to look more into your 'expressions' on just how to do this.. btw- this is just a project, so i am having a good learning experience oh and btw#2, here is the entire page i am working on, i cleaned it up, and added proper //comments to help anyone that wants to try and understand it.. :) all for fun. :) (headaches are a bonus https://pastebin.com/x8BjYHQX
  2. Perfect.. that's great.. and also just what I was 'afraid' of.. lol I'll be working on that, thank you.
  3. Sorry, i should have included more 'precise' information.. i wasnt sure if that would help. in essence, i am searching a DB that has a book name with chapters and a verse, like a Bible. so, book would be "Gen1:1" verse would be that verse "something some more", and so-forth "Gen1:2" and a "verse". it works previously when i only fetch One Row. "Gen1:1" for example. as you previously helped me with, so thank you.! i am now looking at expanding the 'search/fetch' for more than one chapter/verse. within the same book. so what works, is previous, i search for Gen1:1 I get just_that verse, but i would like to be able to retrieve Through multiple. Gen1:1-Gen1:3 for example, would return those Three Verses. which I have all in separate rows in my DB. DB table: column: column: __________________ | book verse row1 | Gen1:1 some words row1 | Gen1:2 some more words ---------------------------------------------------- I have been able to 'do the work-up' to splitting the search string into those two parts, ie; $messageText = Gen1:1-Gen1:3, is become $message3, and $message4 (each as a 'string' without the "-" hyphen) that's were I am Trying to get it to work. so i can search more than one.. the searches should all be consecutive, forward, and most likely within the same pre-fix (book.) Thanks for your help, and i have noted the better way to implement 'code' here. and thanks for the advise on editors, yes, Notepad++ is nice, but exactly why I use Bluefish and Aptana, it has that 'syntax' error checking, it does help a lot, can't do it for you though. :) Thanks again. Sorry if this is too much, i am trying hard.. some things 'on the internet' really are getting either 'outdated' depreciations, and just general 'interests', I'm old school, sorta.. so a lot of "Google" algorithms seem to put the newer (technology) search info on top. anyways, thanks again. :) I just noticed you have a file upload, heck, i would have sent you a pic if needed. if that would help. (of the database tables, or whatever). GX
  4. ok, so i thought I would try and expand on my code, now that it's working.. ha. if someone would like to just tell me if I am simply "missing/overlooking" a .period. or {bracket} or the like? it is one of those things were "googling" doesn't explain it (in terms that I can apply anyways, without making Guesses. 😕 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [...] list($message1, $message2) = explode("-", "$messageText", 2); $message3 = substr($message1,1); $message4 = substr($message2,0); $mysqli = "SELECT verse FROM ".datatable." WHERE book BETWEEN '%".message3." AND ".message4." ' "; $result = $conn->query($mysqli); if ($result->num_rows > 0) { while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {$answer= " " . $row[0]["verse"].$row[1]["verse"]; } } [...] ------------------------------------------- What I Think, is that i am not 'asking' with that last line in the proper format.. $answer= " " . $row[0]["verse"].$row[1]["verse"]; i get very confused with all the small things, .periods. [brackets] etc. i definitely Have looked and tried various approaches from W3Schools.. ie; BETWEEN Syntax SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name WHERE column_name BETWEEN value1 AND value2; so THAT leads me to why i am concerned it is in that $answer= array.. somewhere/how. Thanks for Any help. Sorry if it is tedious, believe me, i wish it wasn't so difficult for me. Cheers, GX1705 Also, if anyone has any suggestions on using another way to 'check' php code, beit a specific (free) Editor? or Site.. I am happy to oblige. Thanks again. Currently I am using bluefish, Aptana, and Notepad++
  5. Well, I found some { } brackets must have been out of place, i'm sure that's nothing new, especially to a newbie like me. :) The verse's Are now getting posted correctly to the Bot. I have to fine tune it because the other repsonces now are not.. either or an if, something can go wrong, it will.. hehe I am on the correct path now, THANK YOU! Any more tutoring/advise.. is *always* Appreciated.. I will let the thread know as soon as I complete my chase and hunt down. of the rouge bracket. :/ Cheers.
  6. is that a trick question, lol ok so its basically stick inside that? while() function? i am pretty new to this sql anyways. i appreciate your teaching/not just sharing 'the answer', the thing that gets me, is it DOES echo the correct result. etc. but i think you are aware of that.. ok, so, my answer, most likely wrong is it is residing in the IF statement, "stuck". ? i will be diligent and look also for proper routine, it is straight from W3Schools though, here. my quote for you, .."In Teaching, Two people learn." :) Thanks!
  7. So glad I found this forumn! Greets to everyone. I have been (re)learning (or trying to) some PHP code. i have been working on this script for a semi-simple facebook bot. to send a 'verse' (or chapter "quote"-(that i already have in my SQL DB ready and right.) from a 'book'. The last part is getting it to work with this FB "bot", it works on my PAGE (i can manipulate the $input variable, (acting like a person inputting something to the Bot, i just change the $string ($messageText), when i copy it over to the actual 'bot.php' script, everything works as required, simple 'auto-replies' to 'given' phrases, no replies to just general 'chat'. etc.. when i use the necessary line (which works great in the test/localhost) it all works Except that one call (which is the whole point of the bot mostly). when i use the 'secondary' line (simple, very similar, but Not accessing the SQLi) it works ... i'm stumped, they're practically identical (in logic/theroy). here is the part i'm trying to defeat at this moment. Thanks for your attention, and suggestions.. :) [...] if ($msgat == "@"){ //$answer = "This works."; // <-- This Does Work. a simple $string.. live, within the use of the bot. $answer= " " . $row["verse"]; // <-- This does Not work, but it does 'locally' ??why not? :) } [...] pastebin code is here. (https://pastebin.com/DJyAJZVb) it all checks out, as far as i can make it, i have ran it through PHPcheckers, php -l, and loaded it into various editors to help determine missing "brackets, etc". it works except for that one area. here is what i think matters for knowing, so far. (or you can check out the pastebin link, thanks! [...] $mysqli = "SELECT verse FROM ".$datatable." WHERE book LIKE '%".$message."'"; $result = $conn->query($mysqli); if ($result->num_rows > 0) { // output data of each row while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) ; //$conn->close(); } { if ($msgat == "@"){ //$answer = "This works."; // <-- This Does Work. a simple $string.. live, within the use of the bot. $answer= " " . $row["verse"]; // <-- This does Not work, but it does 'locally' ??why not? } //echo $answer; // <-- used in localhost test script it works and echos either or of the above $answer showing correctly. else if($msgat[0] != "@"){ $answer = $answer;} [...] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any suggestions,help, or direction would be greatly appreciated, i have spent probably.. well, too long on this.. lol Cheers, and thanks for having this forum. GX1705
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