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  1. <?php date_default_timezone_set("Europe/Budapest"); $karbantartas="0"; include ("/home/fitymaff/public_html/config.php");
  2. Hello guys. I got a very big problem. I want to make a online game website. The site is done, i try on a free domain its working perfectly. Now i buy a domain and storage and i move everything, to the new place. I install MySql server aswell, but now i got a big problem. This is the error log: [22Feb-2019 06:47:51 Europe/Budapest] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/fitymaff/public_html/index.php:1 in / home/fitymaff/public_html/config.php on line 2 This is the error message. This is the second line in the config php :
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