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  1. This worked absolutely for me.
  2. I am working with an API provided here http://ipndoc.paydotcom.com/ to get IPN call back for payment or refund With the code here: $input = file_get_contents('php://input'); $json = @json_decode($input, true); $secret = 'SECRETCODE'; $secret = substr(sha1($secret), 0, 32); $notification = base64_decode($json['notification']); $iv = base64_decode($json['iv']); $decoded = openssl_decrypt( $notification, 'AES-256-CBC', $secret, OPENSSL_RAW_DATA, $iv ); $data = json_decode($decoded, true); $trxntype = $data['transactionInfo']['transactionType']; $paymethod = $data['transactionInfo']['paymentService']; $f_name = $data['customerInfo']['contactInfo']['firstName']; $l_name = $data['customerInfo']['contactInfo']['lastName']; The $f_name and $l_name are correct! But now, the $ trxntype and $paymethod returns NULL instead of the payment details. How can I fix this?

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