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  1. Hey folks! Little bit about myself and why I am here. I run a gaming community for adults including a website and discord. In the past I forked over a lot of money for custom applications and extensions for numerous boards (IPS, PHPBB, WP, to name a few) I literally last week reached the point of being fed up with extensions that were forgotten but had great promise, or developers raking me over the coals for jobs that took them literally a day to do. I have many things I want to do in order to automate processes in my community as well as make things more interactive and fun. I have an interest to develop apps for not only the website, but discord as well. So that is my motivation. So far I have been reading a few books and playing around with very basic starter scripts to get my feet wet. Even listening to podcasts. I naturally want to find a supportive and helpful community should I have questions, and not be left feeling like an idiot. I am hopeful this is the right place and look forward to joining this community to add to my knowledge, as well as provide constructive criticism and advice on how to improve the code I WILL eventually write and put into use. I'm in this for the long haul :)
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