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  1. Thank you both for your assistance. I am unable to get either of the responses to work. It hits a page not working error on the first and has a formatting error in the second so I did not try to upload to URL.
  2. So this is the code prior to trying to add a hyperlink echo "<p>Name: " . $item["first_name"] . " " . $item["last_name"] . "<br> Email: " . $item ["email"] . "</p>"; I thought that putting the <a href around the $item['email'] would make the email address a hyperlink but it does not ... it skips the email addresses completely and hyperlinks the names because all fields are $item. echo "<p>Name: " . $item["first_name"] . " " . $item["last_name"] . "<br> Email: " . "<a href=\"mailto: {$item ["email"]} \">" . "</p>"; Thank you for any assistance.
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