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  1. I consider myself knowing basics of php enough to make some simple software and I want to learn and go further. So I started making something like blog / forum software and now I'm considering starting to work in Laravel, just to learn it and it's probably helpful for a lot of function it already has... Also, some template engine instead of html code with <?=$variable?> tags, more looking like templates would be nice...
  2. Is it better to use Laravel than to program in php from scratch? I guess It's better to start with Laravel as it's most probably more secure, but if I want to make a software with laravel but I can't find and start tutorial... I'm making a software so index should be in root, not some other map. Also I need templates, language files... Laravel has build in Blade template engine right? How should I start? Any link or someting? Maybe even some demo with few most basic functions like how to connect to database, make index, header, templates... Use database...
  3. Hi... I wanna know is there a way for user to fake session? I couldn't find that out... What I'm asking is - When user logs in my site with his username and password it stores his id in session. And permissions and everything is "going out" of that session variable... That's first thing program checks to see if user is logged in and which one. For cookies I'm using hash and salt, but I wanna know how to protect sessions as if it's possible to fake it, I need to secure it. When user is logged, session uid has his user id. If someone could only change that id in session
  4. Oh, yeah, I could use that for output lol, sorry, I needed some time to figure it out...
  5. Oh, and yeah, I think I started using it so 'users' can't do stupid things like using html bold in username and so. How to prevent those kind of things?...
  6. Thanks, I'm gonna try PDO... Other than that what else should I use to protect inputs? Other than htmlentities? Also, what for email input?
  7. Yeah, I'm building a software for practice in php and mysqli. So I wanna know methods for max protection as it's most important thing when you are working with php. I'm building it from scratch so yeah, I'm using what I found on most of sites... And that's what I posted in first post. I'm from Croatia, yes, so we have letters like č,ć,ž,đ,š... I'll check difference between those htmlentities and this what I'm using now, thanks :) Also, because it's "software", yes, there is a lot of things that are going to database and showing on site. So I'm using this code I posded and
  8. Hi! I wanna know what is the best way to secure my inputs? Now I'm using something like this function: public function z($var) { $result1 = htmlspecialchars($var); $result = mysqli_real_escape_string($this->conn, $result1); return $result; } but I don't know how secure it is from all inputs... It couldn't be that with that my site is completely secure... So I wanna know what else I should use... I found something about PHP sanitize filters and similar... Same for mail, should I use that for e-mail, what should I use for e-mails as I thi
  9. Ikerepc

    Hi all

    Hi all! I'm Ivan, from Croatia (so English is not my native language which could be problem sometimes but I'm gonna do my best). I'm working project of my own - creating some new e-learning software in php from scratch. So I'm using mysqli database and php for core and templates and I'll be here with a lot of questions even if we take to count that I'm "building" this software for like a half of year Glad to meet you all
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