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    $_GET not working

    Hello, I am working on a cms site but I am having trouble with retrieving some info by id. I followed a tutorial on youtube and my code looks correct but my ID string is empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Class with functions class Article { public function fetch_all(){ global $pdo; $query= $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM article"); $query->execute(); return $query->fetchAll(); } public function fetch_data($article_id) { global $pdo; $query = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM article WHERE article_id =?"); $query->bindValue(1, $article_id); $query->execute(); return $query->fetch(); } ************************************* Call to functions include_once('includes/connection.php'); include_once('includes/article.php'); $article = new Article; var_dump($_GET, $_POST); //var_dump($article); if (isset($_GET['id'])){ $id = $_GET['id']; $data = $article->fetch_data($id); print_r($data); When I var_dump the get and post I get array(0) { } array(0) { }. fetch all works great but fetch data does not and I am not sure where the post id is pulling from since there isn't a prior connection. Thank You, Devin

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