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  1. Solved it.....used $_GET to get the "sort" variable. Thanks
  2. Script works under php 5.....upgrading to php 7 $result = (isset($sort)) ? mysqli_query........(as shown above) isset($sort) does not appear to set the "sort" variable
  3. Appears to be blank After the table heading is selected, the script is re-executed as "detail_report.php?sort=rcvd_date" How do I set the variable sort at the beginning of the script? Thanks
  4. This was a working sort before we upgraded our web server.... $result = (isset($sort)) ? mysqli_query($db, "Select * from ". $company . " where member = $member_numbers[$i] order by location, $sort, name") : mysqli_query($db, "Select * from " . $company . " where member = $member_numbers[$i] order by location, name"); Data is display, just not sorted.... Thanks
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