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  1. Yep, i have that : <?php $regularNumbers = 5; $bonusNumbers = 1; $regularNumbersMin = 1; $regularNumbersMax = 69; $bonusNumbersMin = 1; $bonusNumbersMax = 26; $bonusUniqueFromRegular = false; $results = array( 'regular_nums' => array(), 'bonus_nums' => array() ); foreach(range(1, $regularNumbers) as $i){ $randNum = mt_rand($regularNumbersMin, $regularNumbersMax); while(in_array($randNum, $results['regular_nums'])){ $randNum = mt_rand($regularNumbersMin, $regularNumbersMax); } array_push($results['regular_nums'], $randNum); } foreach(range(1, $bonusNumbers) as $i){ $randNum = mt_rand($bonusNumbersMin, $bonusNumbersMax); while(in_array($randNum, $results['bonus_nums']) || ($bonusUniqueFromRegular && in_array($randNum, $results['regular_nums']))){ $randNum = mt_rand($bonusNumbersMin, $bonusNumbersMax); } array_push($results['bonus_nums'], $randNum); } sort($results['regular_nums']); sort($results['bonus_nums']); echo 'Results: <br>'; echo implode(", ", $results['regular_nums']); echo '<br>'; echo 'Bonus: <br>'; echo implode(", ", $results['bonus_nums']);
  2. Hello, I created a small simple script that generates a sequence of numbers and I would like to put a (hidden) list of numbers as the starting script, and I would like the script to detect if there is the same sequence of numbers than in the list, and if so, the script reset until it’s goodIt’s for my school, and I’m having trouble :)
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