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  1. Hi everyone, My name is dev. I am editing a php srcipt where in I have created an input field for unique url to submit in database. My validation is working but if the url is incorrect still entry is getting created in database without url. I don't want to create the entry in the data base if the url is not correct. Could you please have look and suggest what's wrong with the code... <?php // create & execute SQL for custom field // inputs: // $dir_id = dir_id // $item_id = item_id // $item_class = item_class (regular, sponsored, premium) // returns true if CF updated/saved function
  2. Hello everyone I have Installed a php website scrip and installation is working fine, But the problem is when I activate the ssl(cloudflare) on it, my Login and some other buttons on the welcome screen does not work. Please try with following link Url : social.searchika.com Login details: user : searchika Password : searchika
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