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  1. I need to scrape a Chinese website. (I guess there is no difference between scraping a Chinese website and a normal one?) It's my suppliers weblink. They have have told me to download images and text from their website profile link off 1688.com. There is an API - but from what I've read, it's pants + my virus checked doesn't allow me to visit the API doc page. What tool should I use? I've got lots of experience coding - but master of none. Maybe I still fall into the newbie category. LOL. I saw a link from an article... they gave these names: Goutte Simple HTML DOM htmlSQL cURL Requests HTTPful Buzz Guzzle Which should I consider? IMPORTANT: I need to download and then upload into my Woocommerce website. I need images + variation details. I'll have a little file with translations, so if XYZ is found in Chinese, then it is replaced with this. I thought I would mention the extra detail incase it was relevant to considering which scraping tool to pick. Thanks!
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