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  1. Hi. I have our company website running on an older Joomla and so running PHP v5.6. We were encountering some issues so I have been rebuilding on latest Joomla version and will run the latest PHP now but I have encountered an issue (and I'm no php expert). We have a brochure page on the site where a user can select one or more brochures from a list, and then have to complete their details in a form and an email is sent to them with the brochures as a pdf attachment. We also receive an email notification with the user details and what brochure was selected so we can follow up on the lead. So I have the html coding for the web page, which links back to a php file with the brochures listed in an array and using phpmailer to send. Would someone be able to assist me by looking at the current files I have and showing me how to update the deprecated php commands - and also to ensure that the fields info is being properly verified etc. Thank you!
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