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  1. Hello, I've been tasked with updating our code base from mysql to something that will work with php 7. It's older code that was written by 2 or 3 individuals before me and it's not at all object oriented. There are about 540 different files that I will end up having to edit to make it all up to date. I'm not a very experienced programmer myself, and I'm in need of some guidance. There are some files that have functions that call and use mysql queries three or four files deep and going through and editing one function leads me to having to update 4 or 5 other files which breaks stuff somewhere else down the road. I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on ways to make this process less painful. The other thing is that by using PDO in a not OO style, it seems like I'm losing a lot of its benefits. Should I consider using MYSQLi instead of PDO considering the circumstances? Are there any resources that you could point me to in order to help me learn the skills I need to make it through this upgrade? Thanks for the help!
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