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  1. Where are the folders your using? Where is the main html file and what is it's name? Have you made a file named "css" and placed that file in same location as the html file? Have you placed your css file into the css folder?
  2. @steveb1471, This is way more complicated then it should be. I see a hard time ahead maintaining this with uodates or repairs. IMHO I'd use AJAX to communicate this your PHP and DB. storedata() works with sessionStorage and has nothing to do with communication and adds extra steps to what your doing. The SELECT should be user INPUT, because it needs to be upgraded by a programmer when new weeks appear. The worst thing I see is the unneeded use of FORM to talk to PHP. Ajax does this nicely and will open a POP UP BOX and display your information without ruining the HTML page. Ple
  3. I would like to see the JavaScript => storedata()
  4. Your column headers are being generated inside the while loop. Move them to outside the loop so they only generate once. The <td> <inputs> should be left in the loop.
  5. Off the top of my head and not testing the idea; I would just add a comma to the 'var taggedPerson'.
  6. Either of the last two codes are OK, but I would use the first one and set the value of the first option to nil: <option value="">Select here</option> and not a space. Question: If this is a yes/no thing why not use simple Radio buttons
  7. Shouldn't those double backwards slashes \\ be single \ ?
  8. I don't see anything in your code to cause a problem. I'm sure it lies in your PHP file. Post that code. Also you can save load time by removing the two JS scripts, they are needed.
  9. You really don't need to use a DIV in the HTML code. Your video is at 100% and centering is unresponsive. To center the <B> text use: style="text-align:center;display:block;margin: 0 auto;" to the tag I found a hack for you to try. Add an ID to the video (ID="myvideo"). Then use JAVASCRIPT: <script> document.getElementById('myvideo').play(); </script> See if that works.
  10. The admin panel on my site is not under my control. Are you able to change your admin panel? If you control it we'd need to see the code. How about making two menus OKmenu.php and FullUpMenu.php and change which one you will call from index.php, manually or as stated above? Your index.php file may look like this: echo" <table border=\"1\" class=\"tblmare\" width=\"795\" style=\"border-collapse: collapse\" align=center> <tr class=trsus> <td>"; include 'routing.php'; echo" </td></tr> <tr> <td> <center>"; /* Change t
  11. The easiest way of doing this is to change the page you send them to when they click on the “New Application” menu. I would use the new page to not only inform them that you can not take new users, but also collect their information to get back to them if an opening occurs. Since you have MySQL you can look up a token and add a IF loop to the menu selection area, This way you could program a PHP program to do this automatically and send auto send the email when space is available. Or this can be done manually by staff. Cel mai simplu mod de a face acest lucru este de a schimba
  12. Sorry for the intrution, but the line above that: while ($row = $res->fetch_assoc()) { Has NO ending bracket
  13. You should post the web url and what you want changed. Google translate does Romanian: Ar trebui să postați URL-ul web și ceea ce doriți s-a schimbat.
  14. Why are you pulling everything from the db with the * when all you want is the rank? In your echo you are putting a double quote inside a double quote. => You have a rank of " . $user['rank'] . "
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