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  1. Yes, you are right : sizes are different. I fixed the issue. Could you, please, take a look at legend layout at page http://vtasks.my-demo-apps.tk/public_profile/3 I aded borders for fieldset, but with border legend text is striked out : https://prnt.sc/qat40d and I did not find how to fix it...
  2. I suppose from Bootstrap 4. Are they different? Actually I used browsers default devices for testing? Do you mean that for Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 sizes are different ?
  3. 2) I suppose : small grid (≥ 768px) = .col-sm-*, medium grid (≥ 992px) = .col-md-*, large grid (≥ 1200px) = .col-lg-*. and is it related with problem I have ?
  4. I provided a printscreen with device selected at top : ipad : 768*1024. Did you see it ? I expected content be in 1 column. Why in 2 columns ?
  5. Hello, Could you please look at design of http://vtasks.my-demo-apps.tk/ site In my vue/cli 4 / Bootstrap 4.3 app I make listing of tasks in 1 column on small devices(ipad-s) and 2 columns on big devices, like : <div class="row " v-show="tasks.length && is_page_loaded"> <div v-for="(nextActiveTask, index) in tasks" :key="nextActiveTask.id" class="col-sm-12 col-md-6 p-2 m-0"> <task-list-item :currentLoggedUser="currentLoggedUser" :nextActiveTask="nextActiveTask" :index="index" :is_show_location="true" ></task-list-item> </div> </div> But testing different devices with Chrome, Chromium I see 2 colums on ipad: https://imgur.com/a/QEfcHdi and I do not see why. Is it error in my design? Problems with browsers ? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! Also In my projects I use blade,vue, javascript . 1) Do they have PSR2 format utility or maybe something similar it? 2) Are there some tools not refomat code, but show me errors not inside PSR2 ?
  7. Hello, I have PhpStorm 2019.2.3 and wonder if it some plugin/tools to keep my php/html/vue/js code within PSR-2 rules ? Thanks!
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