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  1. Finally got it! Thanks for reply!
  2. WIt a part for this section my dear Requinix: /* here is a place for links to published posts */ The problem is, that I have pagination section, and I'm lost in it. I know ofcourse how to querydb, but dunno, how to build the result for displaying as a link, when href is something like "blog.php?p=id (when id is an id of post placed in base". I am so sorry, maybe my explanation is in the same way as my code
  3. Hello, Got a code, need to insert a query for displaying links of posts in section. Category is 'blog', each post has it's 'id', and 'subject', which should be a name for link, such as "blog.php?p='id'". Looking for help. Thank you in advance! Stardar <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> <head> </head> <body class="base"> <div class="container"> <!-- PRZETWARZANIE WYNIKÓW Z BAZY --> <?php $total_pages = $link->query('SELECT * FROM news WHERE category="blog"')->num_rows; $page = isset($_GET['page']) && is_numeric($_GET['page']) ? $_GET['page'] : 1; $num_results_on_page = 1; if ($stmt = $link->prepare('SELECT * FROM news WHERE category="blog" ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT ?,?')) { $calc_page = ($page - 1) * $num_results_on_page; $stmt->bind_param('ii', $calc_page, $num_results_on_page); $stmt->execute(); $result = $stmt->get_result(); } while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()): $text = $row['news']; $text = str_replace('[video]','<div class="video-container">',$text); $text = str_replace('[/video]','</div>',$text); $text = str_replace('[media]','',$text); $text = str_replace('[/media]','',$text); $embera = new \Embera\Embera(); echo '<div class="container"> <div class="row">'; ?> <div class="col-sm-4"> /* here is a place for links to published posts */ </div> <?php echo '<div class="col-sm-8"><h3>'.$row['subject'].'</h3>'; echo '<div class="tresc embed-responsive">'; echo $embera->autoEmbed($text); echo '</div></div> </div> </div>'; endwhile; ?> <!-- KONIEC PRZETWARZANIA WYNIKÓW Z BAZY --> <hr class="pagination_divider"> <center> <!-- PAGINATION --> <?php if (ceil($total_pages / $num_results_on_page) > 0): ?> <div class="sect_paginate"><ul class="pagination"> <?php if ($page > 1): ?> <li class="prev"><a href="blog.php?page=<?php echo $page-1 ?>">&#9666; WSTECZ</a></li> <?php endif; ?> <li class="currentpage"><a href="blog.php?page=<?php echo $page ?>"><?php echo $page ?></a></li> <?php if ($page < ceil($total_pages / $num_results_on_page)): ?> <li class="next"><a href="blog.php?page=<?php echo $page+1 ?>">DALEJ &#9656;</a></li> <?php endif; ?> </ul></div> <?php endif; $stmt->close(); ?> </center> <!-- END OF PAGINATION --> </div> </body> </html>
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