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  1. I have a program that was built for my computer repair company, that allowed me to go on a local webpage, fill out a check in sheet, and saved it and also sent a copy to the customer. it was originally using WAMP, and talked to a database on GoDaddy in order to send emails out. Unfortunately, the original programmer is no longer reachable, and I since then paid another programmer to help fix it. I had the new programmer try to get it all onto the online database, but that caused a lot of coding issues that needed to be redone, and he got a good start on it, but ran into a couple of snags. The admin side still needs to be password protected, the emails aren't sending out correctly, and some of the code is just not working. I am willing to pay $200 to a programmer that can get this fixed/updated. Please pm me for extra details on what I would need done. Thanks!
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