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  1. zeus69

    extract text

    I still don't understand you. I have explained my problem. Instead of giving yourself help, you ask me a question that doesn't make sense. "What have you tried so far?" What should I answer this question? I didn't do anything To such a question, I thought you can't or don't want to do anything. And I have not returned. Did I go wrong or did you go wrong? It depends on what point of view you are looking at. If you don't like it, you can cancel my account
  2. zeus69

    extract text

    I don't know what you mean, you can explain yourself better
  3. zeus69

    extract text

    Hi, I need help if possible I need to extract text only what is between "<del>" and "</ins>" ,from this text https://diffonde.it/scrapeduck/diff2/viewdiff.php http://prntscr.com/s7k8ah Regards
  4. Hi. I need to delete the whole sentence which contains two consecutive words beginning with large letters, as in the example below "My name is Michael Holbrook" "Student at the University Manchester, I have attended several" Thanks to who helps me
  5. now I understand, it was my mistake It must delete everything HTML inside the div that includes class comments-box (not just div) http://prntscr.com/pvinrw
  6. I need something like this with Dom preg_replace('#<div class="(.*?)comments-box(.*?)">(.*?)</div>#', '', $html); Must delete all div, which contains class combinations that contains word comments-box. They can be billions. I can't do it manually
  7. This time, your answer doesn't help me with anything, sorry I need that if a div contains a class that includes word "comments-box". example: "23comments-box234"; "sdgcomments-boxsdg" and feels others, is eliminated with DOM code that I wrote above Sorry and Thanks for your time lost with me
  8. I need what it does, for all class that contains "comments-box" In regex, I do this, (. *?)comments-box(. *?). I don't know how to do with DOM
  9. HI, I have this code that deletes any div that contains class = "comments-box" $dom = new DOMDocument; $dom->loadHTML($html, LIBXML_HTML_NODEFDTD | LIBXML_HTML_NOIMPLIED); $xp = new DOMXPath($dom); // get the node list of div nodes with "target" class $spanNodeList = $xp->query('//div[contains(@class, "comments-box")]'); foreach ($spanNodeList as $spanNode) { $spanNode->parentNode->replaceChild($spanNode->firstChild, $spanNode); } I need it to delete all the divs that it also contains class = "heycomments-box" class = "sdfcomments-box" class = "comments-boxsdfdfh" class = "sdgsdgcomments-boxsdfdfh" Regards
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