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  1. No, I'm sorry to be blunt but why would I be asking how to upgrade if I did an upgrade before. I said I had no php experience. I came into a job few months ago and now php needs upgraded on one of the sites I administer.
  2. lmao, i am the site administrator which is why I need to upgrade the site's php! Im sorry I am not super experienced I just need some guidance
  3. The most helpful info I saw on that page is "What version do I use?" as pertaining to TS or NTS. OK- so now I know that, what's next. I have never done anything with PHP before
  4. I am new to PHP and do not really have any knowledge on it. One of our sites uses PHP and because of a recent security issue, PHP recommends upgrading to 7.2.24. Can someone please guide me in how to do this? I can't find much helpful stuff on how to do an upgrade. I also am unsure of what downloads to use from the PHP site. (We use Windows Server 2021 R2) Thanks
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