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  1. Im on my phone Barand? Ctrl + - is done on Desktop. I dont use my desktop much.
  2. It might be my Firefox browser. Look at screenshot my screen wont zoom.
  3. The reason i dont see it is because im on my phone. I code on my phone. Not the desktop.
  4. Oh by the way im using my android phone to post and code i dont see the <> button icon . It might be on the desktop and not my android phone.
  5. Thanks Barand that fixed my code displaying code inside my code correctly i will make sure to use it when posting my php or html code here. Thanks again
  6. I cant get code to display right. In (<>). I need help
  7. I cant get my code to display ^^^ up there (<>) my bad
  8. Sorry. For delay I m using POST.. To get 0 - 8 im using input username2 lets say i put 0 in username2 input when I click post i need to grab that 0 and pass it to my $charactors[$nine]->name Its not reading my string $nine from my input box username2. Like i wrote earlier ^^^ it will only work this (< Then $nine='0'; $codx =$characters[$nine]->name; When i write in javascript working with the input box i can read it into a string but not in Php programming. I m still learning php im sure this isnt that hard to do. Hope any experts in php here can see my issue. Hope my code displays right. About making code easy to read is it < code > or (< code. >) ill try both my bad if this dont work. (< <form action="" method="post"> <input disabled="disabled" style="background-color:white; color: white" type="text" name="subject" id="subject" size="1" style="display:none" value="1"> <hr> Password: <br><input style="background-color:black; color: white" type="password" name="text_one" value="0923532"> <button type="submit" name="ok">OK</button> dec19/ <INPUT TYPE = "Text" VALUE ="" ID = "username2" NAME = "username2"> </form>
  9. <INPUT TYPE = "Text" VALUE ="0" ID = "username2" NAME = "username2"> <?php $value1 = $_POST['username2']; $nine=$value1; $codx =$characters[$nine]->name; ?> Im tring to get '0' in username2 inputbox readit in php $nine $codx =$characters[$nine]->name; as you can see in my <?php code above I cant get the 0 from this inputbox It only works like this <?php $nine='0' $codx =$characters[$nine]->name; ?> What i need is to get the users input. from a textbox on my page called username2 they would enter between 0 and 8 as you can see its set to 0 on my textbox, the 0 - 8 is the character location $characters[$nine] the $nine will hold the number between 0 - 8 My php code i cant read my texbox input. How do I read the user input into my my textbox post pulls the input $nine = $_POST['username2']; $codx =$characters[$nine]->name; i noticed it wouldn't work it only works this way $nine='0'; $codx =$characters[$nine]->name; Let me know how to read in user input from my username2 textbox. Thanks in advance sorry to repeat i needed to explain so you can see my error.
  10. Ok ty. I cant get my test <> To work how do i learn on this forum how to embed Is it (< my code. >) Let me know because in my test i did < my code > But it didnt work. Ty
  11. Sorry Not sure how to Use <> my code inside (< <script type="text/javascript"> function sam_click() { var x="<?php ex(); ?>"; alert(x); return false; } </script> >) I cant find the edit to fix my code. So did this test. Ty
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