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  1. We have Accounts. Those accounts may or may not have an attached address record. Currently, the report is using the attached address, but there is a request for me to use the address that is attached to the actual contribution/donation instead of the account. FYI: speaking to the requester, we agreed on a totally separate report using the contribution address only. I was finding it difficult to accommodate the request within the body of a very large Stored Procedure. If not for the Stored Procedure, This would be pretty easy. Here is the stored procedure: DRO
  2. I've used COALESCE before, but I don't see how it applies to my situation? Could provide a sample? Should I COALESCE then use a CASE?
  3. I have 2 tables: My goal: I am having trouble getting to this result. Any ideas?
  4. @Barandthat was the issue! You are the man! / you are the woman! thank you!
  5. Thank! I will give this a try and come back and respond.
  6. 1. Here is the main calling page code: <?php require_once $_SERVER['ATS_CORE_PHP_LIB_PATH'].'/dao/AtsIFEReviewerDAO.php'; $theYear = intval($_GET['r']); if($theYear > 0){ require_once $_SERVER['ATS_CORE_PHP_LIB_PATH'].'/core/util/ExcelHTML.php'; $dao = new AtsIFEReviewerDAO(); $yearData = $dao->getReviewAnalytics($theYear); $xls = new ExcelHTML($yearData, null); $xls->turnOnDisableAllColumnsFromAutoExcelEscape(); $xls->printOutput($theYear.'_ife_result.xls'); } ?> 2. here is the und
  7. I'm not getting any errors. I run the query and the string is getting truncated. No error messages.
  8. I have a MySQL Longtext field. When I query the data using PHP, I cannot get all of the text. If there are 1000 characters, I only get about half. Does this have anything to do with packet-size? Is this a configuration thing?
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