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  1. Um okay very helpful information but it doesnt answer my question
  2. Hi, So I am currently making a real estate site for my class at school but I am having a tiny issue with the listing display page. So what I want to do is show a bunch of listing that the agent owns on their dashboard which I have already done. Now I have two links one to update the listing and one to view the listing. Now what I am trying to do is when the view listing link is clicked it will take the user to the listing-display page and then I want it to display all the information for the listing that the link was clicked under. But i cannot for the life of me figure out how to do
  3. ah yes right! That worked and my issues haave been resolved thanks!
  4. if i take out the $minPrice = ""; yes it stays populated but I'm still getting the error message all I want to do is not to get that error message and execute the next part of my code. I changed the preg_match stuff to elseif(is_numeric($minPrice)) instead
  5. This is for a class assignment technically I am just starting out but I am also on my second year of school, I've been working on this page for a week and still having these issues that's why I came here for help and the error message I am getting is the price needs to be a number so I will take a look at that manual thank you very much also the headline is now fixed to so that is good
  6. Oh wow I didnt even notice that, no I don't know how to change that, but that still doesnt fix why minprice automatically goes blank too
  7. Im dumb GET = Array ( ) POST = Array ( [newlist] => house for sale [city] => oshawa [minPrice] => 100 [maxPrice] => 1000 ) thisis what I get
  8. GET = Array ( ) { } POST = Array ( ) { } This is all i get when I put that in
  9. Yeah trying to figure out those errors, its been a long frustrating process
  10. Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /var/www/html/webd3201/group07/includes/functions.php on line 51 Notice: Undefined index: userType in /var/www/html/webd3201/group07/header.php on line 59 Notice: Undefined index: userId in /var/www/html/webd3201/group07/header.php on line 15 A bunch of lines of these three errors
  11. I have used those by the way but it does not tell me why I am having this one particular issue
  12. I've been working on this html/php page for class and I just don't understand why my code is acting like this. I have this form that gets the user input and then it validates the code with appropriate error messages but even when I test it and type in something for each textbox it automatically makes the textbox go blank again and displays the error messages and i dont know why. This is my code <?php //error_reporting(E_ALL); //ini_set('display_errors', 1); $title = "Listing Search"; $file = "listing-search.php"; $description = "Listing Search page for real estate website (WEBD3
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