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  1. This command works perfectly !! Thank you very much for your help
  2. A ok sir thank you very much.. 1 more quick question i would have if you may please.. i am pretty bad at this sorry :)) So lets say i have the following table Z: ID value 1 0 2 0 Now.. i tried in my cronjob i did "UPDATE Z SET value=1" i did this set a cronjob for the first 30 minutes of an hour .. then the next 30 minutes i can just add another cronjob that sets the value 0.. ( i found this to be easier i think that using a toggle because i am noob ) So everything is fine.. the above command updates my values.. but i want only for ID 1 to do the value change not all.. how can i do that please ? What do i need to change or add in the above command to only update the ID 1 ? I tried with a WHERE but i dont think i placed it right it didnt work.. Thanks sir
  3. Hi guys.. first of all my name is Robert im a bit newbie and just learning bit by bit PHP it's great to have find this community and really hope and appreciate if someone could help me with the following: So basically i want to make a cronjob that once every hour updates the value X from the table Z.. The value X i would want it that every hour changes to 1.. and then after 1 more hour changes to 0.. and so on all day long I would really appreciate if someone can show me what code should i use exactly so that it does this.. i can do the DB connection and set up the cronjob properly but i really dont know what the code should look like to do the updates i said.. Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated ! I hope i gave enough info with what i want to do .. if not please ask i will try to explain better Thanks !
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