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  1. I've tried this, still no change, but does not give me errors if($_POST['form']['hobby'] != '') echo "<br />"; $modUserEmailText .= '{hobby:caption} : {hobby:value}'; This one gives me an error : syntax error, unexpected ',' if($_POST['form']['hobby'] != '') $modUserEmailText .= '{hobby:caption} : {hobby:value}'."\r\n"; any thoughts?
  2. if you guys had to put a line break in this code, how does it go? cheers if($_POST['form']['age'] != '') $modAdminEmailText .= '{age:caption}: {age:value}';
  3. I have tried the single quote and the double quote, in different places... many many tests.. before I came asking for help
  4. Hello all, I'm a basic coder 😀 I want to insert a line break in this code, after the {hobby:value} it gives me : syntax error, unexpected '>' if($_POST['form']['hobby'] == '') $modUserEmailText = str_replace('{hobby:caption} : {hobby:value}', ''<br/>'',$modUserEmailText); {hobby:caption} : {hobby:value} are placeholders in the sent email, since there are several of them, all I want is a line break between each.. and must end with $modUserEmailText); is this possible to do? {hobby:caption} : {hobby:value} {age:caption} : {age:value} {book:caption} : {book:value} Thanks a million!
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