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  1. according to an article it does have a handle that you choose to set.
  2. Went to the functions file to change the wp_enqueue_script ('name' to something else now I have the new renamed script plus the previous one showing. I did some more research concerning this is the functions file the only place you use the : wp_enqueue_script/styles command for inserting script or styles for wordpress ?
  3. I would like to learn how. Is that alright?
  4. Sorry I meant the javascript. When viewing in the inspect element in firefox it has a name for each script in the head section.
  5. Did some searching on google could not find anything so far. I have a wordpress theme and I would like to change the name of the script id if that won't be to hard.
  6. I encode it as vp8 on my pc first because of the major size difference.
  7. Do you mean these ? -vcodec copy -vb 2k -acodec copy -ar 44100 -f webm
  8. I'm sorry. Please be more straight forward with me in the future. So let me ask how should I go about trying to make sure they are created equal if possible ?
  9. Alright I'll check into it. The weird this is I used another video cms called avideo and the webm played just fine.
  10. Well I just found out some facts. The video does play I tried it on a friends phone and it worked fine. But for some reason on my iphone 5s it won't play. Can I pm you a link to the site to test on your mobile ? Would you be willing to test it ?
  11. I want people to be able to view video from both their desktop and mobile devices. No, I did not. I already tested it too and it works fine for desktop viewing. Have you heard "it is a go no-go situation" before ? It is not working on mobile for some reason when I view it I see the thumbnail but no video plays and I want it to play. I will say it again because I can't stress it enough how much I appreciate your help or anyone's help on the matter.I have started trying to learn php to hopefully help some if any on this or future problems. If you have anymore questions plea
  12. Sorry,no I only want to use webm for both mobile and desktop
  13. This is the page for the mobile theme. <script> cumulusClips.lang.errorComment = <?=json_encode(Language::getText('error_comment'))?>; cumulusClips.lang.reply = <?=json_encode(Language::getText('reply'))?>; cumulusClips.lang.replyTo = <?=json_encode(Language::getText('reply_to'))?>; cumulusClips.videoId = <?=$video->videoId?>; cumulusClips.commentCount = <?=$commentCount?>; </script> <div class="video-player-container block"> <div class="video-player"> <?php if ($video->gated && !$loggedInUser): ?>
  14. Found the problem I had to remove this line : <source src="<?= $config->h264Url ?>/<?= $video->filename ?>.mp4" type="video/mp4" /> under the begin video section. <?php $this->addMeta('videoId', $video->videoId); $this->addMeta('theme', $this->options->themeUrl); $this->addMeta('loggedIn', (bool) $loggedInUser); $this->addMeta('reply_to', Language::getText('reply_to')); $this->addMeta('report_abuse', Language::getText('report_abuse')); if ($loggedInUser && !$video->commentsClosed) { $this->addMeta('reply', Language:
  15. Well considering I don't know much about php I have only been able to piece some things together. But give me some time and ill see what I can dig up. Ill check back as soon as I can with an update.
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