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  1. I’m new to creating database driven websites with MySQL and PHP. I think this is an easy question, but it has been anything but easy finding an answer. When someone submits 2 paragraphs to my MySQL database via a textarea in a feedback form, I want to display 2 paragraphs when I post that information at my website. How is it done?
  2. I can’t thank you enough for your help. I’m going to use your suggestion and see if I can get it working tomorrow. I know it sounds weird, but in this case they want the shopping cart to turn off when someone isn’t available to immediately follow up on the order by phone.
  3. They only sell products that have to be picked up in person.
  4. I think I’m heading in the right direction here... https://www.werockyourweb.com/cron-job-mysql/ But I would still welcome and specific instructions that anyone decides to contribute.
  5. Can you tell me more about how to do it or is there a place where I can detailed information? I’ll be using a standard Linux OS at a web hosting company. I familiar enough to modify PHP or MySQL or follow instructions, but I’m still relatively new to both.
  6. I have an online store that was created with PHP and it uses MySQL on the backend. There’s a boolean field in the database that either turns the store on (enabled) or it turns the store off (disabled) when it’s toggled. My question is can I write code that would automatically toggle that boolean value at specific times of the day?
  7. I swear I tried that. At least I thought that I did. But guess what, I made the change that you suggested and it's working perfectly. I uploaded the updated include file in case anyone else wants to see it working now. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you!
  8. How can I use an include file that has a list of links in any directory at my website without breaking those links? You can see it in action here... The links in this directory work... https://www.billelgin.com/primary-directory/ The links in this directory (being created from the same include file) do not work... https://www.billelgin.com/primary-directory/subsection-one/ Obviously the problem is the include file is being called from different directories, so it's breaking the relative path links in the include file, but what can I do to fix it? You can download the example directory structure here... https://www.billelgin.com/EXAMPLE.zip
  9. I’ve been a front end website developer for over 2 decades and I’m very good at it. However, I have little experience with creating dynamic websites. It’s time to change that so I’m going to dive in and learn PHP and MySQL. If anyone has any questions about front end development, I would be happy to share what I know. Bill
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