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  1. Hi Can anyone help with this problem it seems very simple, I am not an experienced PHP coder but keen to progress. I am trying to create a User Registration project but have a problem. every time I try to login using mysqli_fetch_assoc it drops through to my error Invalid Email /Password it seems that the mysqli code is not working correctly but I do not understand this function enough can anyone help. I have attached the coding if this helps. This is the function function Login_Attempt($Email,$Password){ $Query="SELECT * FROM admin_panel WHERE email='$Email'"; $Execute=mysqli_query($Connection,$Query); if($admin=mysqli_fetch_assoc($Execute)){ if(Password_Check($Password,$admin["password"])){ echo $Email; return $admin ; } }else{ return null; } } This is the code I am using Login.php <?php require_once("Include/Session.php"); ?> <?php require_once("Include/Styles.css"); ?> <?php require_once("Include/Functions.php"); ?> <?php require_once("Include/DB.php"); ?> <?php if(isset($_POST["Submit"])){ $Email=mysqli_real_escape_string($Connection,$_POST["Email"]); $Password=mysqli_real_escape_string($Connection,$_POST["Password"]); if(empty($Email)||empty($Password)){ $_SESSION["message"]="All Fields must be filled out"; Redirect_To("Login.php"); }else{ if(ConfirmingAccountActiveStatus()){ $Found_Account=Login_Attempt($Email,$Password); if($Found_Account){ $_SESSION["User_Id"]=$Found_Account['id']; $_SESSION["User_Name"]=$Found_Account['username']; $_SESSION["User_Email"]=$Found_Account['email']; if(isset($_POST["Remember"])){ $ExpireTime=time()+86400; setcookie("SettingEmail",$Email,$ExpireTime); setcookie("SettingName",$Username,$ExpireTime); } Redirect_To("Welcome.php"); }else{ $_SESSION["message"]="Invalid Email / Password"; Redirect_To("Login.php"); } }else{ $_SESSION["message"]="Account Confirmation Required"; Redirect_To("Login.php"); } } } ?> <?php ?> <!DOCTYPE> <html> <head> <title>Login</title> </head> <body> <div> <?php echo Message(); ?> <?php echo SuccessMessage(); ?></div> <div id="centerpage"> <br><a href="User_Registration.php"><span class="FieldInfo">Don't Have an account? Creat One !</span></a><br> <form action="Login.php" method="post"> <fieldset> <span class="FieldInfo">Email:</span><br><input type="email" Name="Email" value=""><br> <span class="FieldInfo">Password:</span><br><input type="password" Name="Password" value=""><br> <input type="checkbox" Name="Remember" ><span class="FieldInfo"> &nbsp;Remember me<span class="FieldInfo"><br> <br><a href="Recover_Account.php"><span class="FieldInfo">Forgot Password</span></a> <br><input type="Submit" Name="Submit" value="Login"><br> </fieldset> </form> </div> </body> </html> Hope this Helps Ossieboy
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