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  1. Well, nothing... Php was such a faculty and were supposed to be simple tasks but this is some nightmare.
  2. Hi, I can't do almost anything... Write a function that calculates the Euclidean distance for points: eucl(q1,z1,r2,z2). Calculate the distance of point pairs: (r1,z1), (r2,z2). Date: $r1=1; $z1=12; $r1=43; $z1=123; $r1=3; $z1=112; $r1=43; $z1=54; formula to the Euclidean distance: (r1,z1,r2,z2)=sqrt[(r1-z1)*(r1-z1) + (r2-z2)*(r2-z2)], where sqrt = square root. Can anyone help?
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