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  1. I wanted to thank you guys for your help, I had 3 days trying to figure it out and finally found the error, there is no issues in the code it was only that i hace the connection line deleted for some reason!!! I just want to apologize for my terrible mistake... I am sorry but I did turned ON display_errors for php... thank you for that too!!
  2. Yes I also tried echo "<br>ERROR: $sql.".mysqli_error($connect);
  3. I was wondering if anyone could help me finding the error or why my script won't insert data into the table. $str = '123456,123457,123458,123459,234567,234568,234569'; $str_arr = explode (",", $str); echo '<br> $str_arr = '; print_r($str_arr); echo "<br><br><br>"; foreach ($str_arr as $value) { $sql = 'INSERT INTO parts (part_serial) VALUES ("'.$value.'")'; if(mysqli_query($connect, $sql)){ echo "record inserted successfully.<br>"; } else { echo "<br>ERROR: $sql."; print_r($connect->err
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