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  1. @requinix yes I know, but whats rationale behind showing an deprecated entries?
  2. VSCode on Mac Coding in PHP file. When typing, InteliSense (or SSA) follows the cursor and display hints. Seems ok, but it displays many names that, once inserted into code, get strike-through (meaning they are deprecated. Would not be easier to remove them from IntelliSense rather than confusing others? When coding in other languages, deprecated names does not appear in IS. Its php-specific issue.
  3. As of WP: its well known fact that WP has "its own life" meaning is very moody: without any (known/possible) reason, things do change....... Isolate case. In console: cat /var/log/apache2/error.log And analyze entry by entry
  4. That should not happen. Its serious security flaw. One token = one session (provided that TTL = RST)
  5. The problem is that he had already done this. He showed code he uses and asserted that you are inteligent enough that by seeing title you will focus on correct code-fragment.
  6. @ginerjm whats your problem here? What if @Johngm is so newbie that he has no clue where the problem is? Seems like you are creating problems where there is (or should be) none of them. Grow up man.
  7. You are absolutely right. But, its a bit tricky when it comes to mail forms (templates).... To be precise, its mail-server which receives mail, and this (incoming mail) triggers some sort of action (eg. notification) in the form (template). What do you suggest than? Thanks for this tip.
  8. PHPMail is mail functionality built-in to PHP..... MTP = Mail Transfer Protocol It means you can (theoretically) send mail outwards. but this form does not allow you to receive ( = read) inward mails. It means the PHP form (webpage) for sending mails. I meant API Oh yes..... main problem with debugger is that no errors are being reported. One reason may be faulty debugger.
  9. Disagree, but make peace, not war. Anyone else?
  10. There is no need to be ironic here. You know well I didnt post either of these.....
  11. OK so to start. We have our domain in the format X.com. Our new-mail form (php) is under mails.X.com. We use phpmail for sending mails. Receiving is disabled. There is apcall for mail() function in button's onclick event. Works as intended (gets call transmitted to phpmail function as well as MTP's) but mails never leaves our servers (and reaches receipient(s)). What may the problem be?
  12. Id stay away from Eclipse if I were to chose an IDE to code in...... not for lack of speed (refactoring slows above 10k of lines of code), but mainly because of lack of seamless update process. Its PITA, as its automation is completely broken. Java IDE is also of great value...... I tried PhpStorm once and now Im paid customer. There is no better IDE.
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