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  1. Thanks for the reply! Just set notifications so will get quicker now... 😉 The leads come in as email to a set address in the ADF / XML format - so that can be parsed and put into a database. It seems like a longer process for sure - but that is how the automotive industry has done it for years and can't see it changing anytime soon... So effectively set up an email like abcdealer@emailaddress.com for each one and then read that data and put into associated account. Does that make more sense?
  2. First post… excited to be here! With the downtime, we have now - looking to develop something that is pretty straight forward in my head. The automotive industry uses ADF formats (which is XML) to submit leads. I would like to develop a counter for dealers to signup, add ADF email for leads to come to, be parsed and then count where the leads are coming from. Dealers have CRMs for dealing with leads but are always wondering “how many do we get from…?” so want to have an easy way to track! It would be free service to offer dealers as a goodwill starting off - just to keep simple. Then the dealer gets an email (daily, weekly, monthly) with overall details! In my head, sounds simple… but not sure where to start! Any advice?
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