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  1. I'm having troubling with trying to create a function to spit out a single array with the following array. I can write it in a away that looks through the arrays manually. the results i am trying to generate is that each item in generated array. Array to convert array( "account" => array( "login", "register", "logout", "edit", ), "p" => array( "report", ), "array1.0" => array( "array2.0" => array( "array3.0", "array3.1 ), "array2.1", ), generating the array will look like this Array ( [0] => account [1] => account/login [2] => account/register [3] => account/logout [4] => account/edit [5] => p [6] => p/report [7] => array1.0 [8] => array1.0/array2.0 [9] => array1.0/array2.0/array3.0 [10] => array1.0/array2.0/array3.1 [11] => array1.0/array2.1 ) The idea is that id generates a single array with combined labels and arrays inside, etc. I just can't figure out how to create a script that will create this array even If I add a new value or array.
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