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  1. Do you have any suggestions how I can fix this?
  2. I have a PHP script that locates a photo in a MySQL database and based on the path /filename stored in the database, retrieves the file and downloads it via the browser, the problem is that it saves as a filename that is the url with no extension. so we pass : dlfile.php?id-10 the script is supposed to get the filename from the stored file and download it with that filename but it downloads the file as 'dlfile?id=10' instead of PIC76534.jpg. where am i going wrong? code below for dlfile.php. or is there a way to ask the user to select a filename when downloading? I know the script is crude but have had it for ages. <?php require( '../js/db.php' ); $id = $_GET[ 'id' ]; $sql = "SELECT * FROM image_archive WHERE id = " . $id; $result = mysqli_query( $conn, $sql ); if ( !$result ) { echo "ERROR: " . mysqli_error( $conn ); } else { $row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($result); //path to the picture you're wanting the viewer to download $path = "/archimages/".basename($row['pic_OriginalPath']); if ( file_exists( $path ) ) { //split the extension and name from eachother $e = explode( '.', $path ); //get the name of the file $file_name = $e[ 0 ]; //image extension $extension = $e[ 1 ]; // Send a header saying we'll be displaying a picture header( 'Content-type: '.$row['pic_Type'] ); // Name the file header( 'Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="' . $file_name . $extension . '"' ); // Path to the picture you're wanting the user/viewer to download readfile( $file_name . '.' . $extension ); } else { echo 'The requested image does not exist.'.$path.'<hr>'; } } ?>
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