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  1. no you are right SIR its not very complicated but the syntax is really crazy for beginner ...... but i have one last question please... $login_counter = $row['logins'] +1; //------your code ---------- $pdo_statement=$db->prepare("update tbl_user set logins=$login_counter where user_id=:userId"); $result = $pdo_statement->execute(array(':userId' => $_SESSION['user_login']['user_id'])); // ------my code --------- $sql = $db->prepare("UPDATE tbl_user SET logins=$login_counter WHERE user_id = '".$_SESSION['user_login']['user_id']."';"); $sql->execute(); what is finally the difference in the point 3 ) Never put variables into a query. That's why "prepare" is used. ?
  2. ah ok good to know ^^ than wait i have to raed little bit....
  3. lol i got it.... $pdo_statement=$db->prepare("update tbl_user set logins=7 WHERE user_id = '".$_SESSION['user_login']['user_id']."';"); thank you SIR 🙂 lol the syntax is sometimes little crazy xDD
  4. ............. else if(empty($password)){ $errorMsg[]="please enter password"; } else { try { $select_stmt=$db->prepare("SELECT * FROM tbl_user WHERE username=:uname OR email=:uemail"); $select_stmt->execute(array(':uname'=>$username, ':uemail'=>$email)); $row=$select_stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if($select_stmt->rowCount() > 0) { if($username==$row["username"] OR $email==$row["email"]) { if(password_verify($password, $row["password"])) { $_SESSION["user_login"] = $row["user_id"]; //---------------- $pdo_statement=$db->prepare("update tbl_user set logins=7 where user_id=2"); $result = $pdo_statement->execute(); //---------------- $loginMsg = "Successfully Login..."; header("refresh:2; welcome.php"); } else hey guys iam starting to learn during this crysis php :-). I got stucked with this pdo style..... i like to count logins, i tryed and figured out i can use the id... but my question is how can replace this "where user_id=2" to get the specific ID for the current user login in? the count function i i know how to make the... first i want to know how to write the syntax of this pdo...... thank you :-)
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