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  1. Hi I have a query script whick is triggered on click event of button which its id is "save_rows" When the user manually press the save button, the script works as I want This script header looks like that: $(document.body).on('click', '#save_rows', function(e) { In another place in my app i need to use the same script, but from another jquery script. Is there a way I can call this script from inside another jquery script? Thank you
  2. Hi All, I have a question regarding arrays I get a data from a field in Oracle DB into a variable: This is the procedure i run: $Param_String=DBOracle::getInstance()->get_job_params($seq); and this is what $Param_string stores after: (string) "Id"=>"1" Then I run this command $parameters=array($Param_String); Now, $Parameters is like this: array(1) ( [0] => (string) "Id"=>"1" ) If i write the code that way: $id='"1"'; $parameters=array("id" => $id); Then, $Parameters is like this: array(1) ( [id] =>
  3. Hello I have 2 database tables: 1) products which contain 3 columns: id, description and unit 2) units which contains 2 columns: id and description I need to pupulate html table with data from 2 database tables.this is the structure: id, description, unit, unit_description (the first 3 columns come from table 1 and the fourth column from table 2 I know hot to pupulate the table according to the 3 columns: (the remarks are for the 4th column that i dont know how to call). I want this column to get the description of the unit in the row from the second table in the
  4. Hi I have a table i populate from database (upon a parameter the user insert and with PHP $_GET i take this value and populate the table accordint to if). After I allow the user to add or edit data in rows by using jquery. The last part I do is to want to save the changes back to database using PHP. The jquery i use suppose to serve different tables. So its written in a way that get the table structure and add rows upon it. In this example I put it in the index page Everything works fine,but I cant build the array from the added rows. My variables in the php part got null
  5. Hi all, I try to populate html table by query and ajax. The idea is that i have a textbox in which the user enter a code, the system get its description upon focusout event from the database. (This section works well) After that, upon double click on the description that was retrived, the js should populate the table upon the code the user enterd. The problem is that in this case i get an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'length' in I tried to search the web. Most suggest to add JSON.parse. But the data is already on JSON format
  6. Thank you very much Works great. Issue is closed
  7. Hi all I build an app with a header, side-bar, footter and main area (here is the index.php code (Removed all php activity cause its not relevant here <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Login</title> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <script type="text/javascript" src="../../php-ajax/jquery-3.5.1.js"></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='js/dynamicpage.js'></script> <link href="css/global_style.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" madia="all"/> </head> &l
  8. Hi I use bootstrat treeview which is build upon a databse query. I have no idea how many nodes will apear at the treeview. I limit its size by using min-height and overflow-y:scroll in the css file it all looks good when the nodes are folded. but when i open a node it exceed the limit i declared. Does anyone has an idea how can i limit the height of the treeview no matter if nodes are expanded? Thank you
  9. Hi All I have a site which is built from 3 folders: folder1 frolder2 frolder3 folder1 is the "master" folder. Means, In it I have the login page, connecxtion to DB elements, and header, footer and bootstrap treeview sidebar which I want to use in all the pages of the site. folders 2 and 3 each store all pages concern a specific vertical. The sidebar, which is located at folde1 retrive the content from database using AJAX, and Ive overloaded some of the original css by using custom css. here is psrt of the sidebar code: <link href="custom.css" typ
  10. OK problem solved The issue was $id = $value['ID']; once i changed names of fields to capital letters, all works fine
  11. This still leaves $id from this $id = $value['id'] line null
  12. Hi all, I have a query that return data into the array $row with values, but $id from the first line of the while stay null. Why? $con = oci_connect("xxx", "xxx", "xxx"); $query = "SELECT id, name from table_web WHERE record_module='AA' and parent_id='".$parentId."'"; $stid=oci_parse($con, $query); oci_execute($stid); while($value = oci_fetch_assoc($stid)) { $id = $value['id']; $row[$id]['id'] = $value['id']; $row[$id]['name'] = $value['name']; } return $row;
  13. Ok, I did replacement of double quote symbol by using this data=data.replace(/['"]+/g, ""); before assigning the value to the in[put textbox Issue is closed
  14. Ok tnx. did it. now it returned the data to the input textbox as i wanted but wrapped with "" is it ok? i just need to take care to ommit these "", or still i do something wrong?
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