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  1. Hi everyone! i hope someone here can help me. i use worpdress, and i need to get a url from a post to set into href button dynamically. i don't know if i can achieve this only with html or mixed with some php or js let me explain it further: i have a listing site which shows every listing in a grid style. the grid elements are clickable which redirects to the single listing post. but i added a button under each grid element, the href url is not known in advance, how can i retrieve that permalink for each single listing page to dynamically populate the href in a html button? for now i have icon with empty href <a href="#">[27-icon icon="fa fa-arrow-alt-circle-right"]</a> i was reading wordpress codex and there are php functions like: <?php get_post_permalink( $id, $leavename, $sample ); ?> get_permalink( int|WP_Post $post, bool $leavename = false ) get_post_class( string|string[] $class = '', int|WP_Post $post_id = null ) i'm not a developer, but i understand a bit what i'm reading in the php code, if i understand it good i could use css class maybe to point to the grid element and then use get function to auto retrieve the url of a post and populate my button href ??? or is there another easy way ? If someone could explain me how to do this as i'm sure its used a lot on websites. Thanks to help me
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