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  1. Hello, My database is organized in two tables, called content and additional_info. The structure is as followed: content ID | title | text ---------------------- 1 | Title A | Text A 2 | Title B | Text B additional_info ID | idContent | info ----------------------- 1 | 1 | Info A1 1 | 1 | Info A2 1 | 2 | Info B1 1 | 2 | Info B2 Now I like to show my users a HTML table such as Result (desired): Title | Information --------------------------- Title A | Info A1, Info A2 Title B | Info B1, Info B2 Selecting the data with a JOIN_ SELECT c.title, i.info FROM Content c JOIN additional_info a ON a.idContent = c.ID returns a table with four rows: Title | Information ---------------------- Title A | Info A1 Title A | Info A2 Title B | Info B1 Title B | Info B2 My current solution is to check the value of the title. If there is no chance, I add the information, if there is a change, I print the new title in a new row (<tr>). But maybe there is also a more dynamic way or a solution “imploding” the information….? Thank you, Simon
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