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  1. This was caused by a 32 bit executable on 64 bit os, provider has made a fix for me.
  2. Tried this, again got an empty array and error code 126, 'command not executable', i'm suspecting this is some rights issue. <?php $path = realpath('swetest'); exec($path . ' -h', $out, $res); var_dump($out); echo $res; ?>
  3. Thanks! I get error 127, path not found indeed. I tried, exec('swetest'); exec('./swetest'); exec('/public_html/se/swetest'); Neither works. ps. i see google is full of exec error 127 If i dump it all in the server root i still get 127 so something must be fishy in the path?
  4. Sorry, yes, you're right, i tried that however. I get array(0) { }
  5. Hello, I can't get exec() working with a binary, but it works with whoami, the binary also outputs on a plain linux machine. I have error reporting E_ALL enabled but i can't find anything usefull in the logs. What can i do? Thanks for helping. See pic for the output of the script, whoami works but swetest gives nothing. I know it works, it is in use elsewhere on servers. <?php if (ini_get('safe_mode')) echo 'safe mode is on<br>'; else echo 'safe mode is off<br>'; if (function_exists('exec')) echo "exec is enabled<br>"; else echo "exec is disabled<br>"; echo exec('whoami'); echo exec('swetest -h'); ?>
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