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  1. Hi kicken, thank you so so much, it works perfectly! 🙂 you were right, I just had to change the quantity part like this: <?php echo ($item['qty']>50)?'Secret':$order->get_formatted_line_subtotal($item);?> The only issue is that it still sums up the hidden quantity in the subtotal and total of the order. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Hi, could you please help me with an issue? I want to hide the price for one product in the WooCommerce emails that I send to the clients Only If the quantity of a product is over 50. For all the other items I want the price to be shown. For example, the order has 2 products, one with 30pcs quantity that displays price, and the other with 120pcs quantity but with a text 'some text' instead of the price. I modified the email-order-items.php, <?PHP echo $order->get_formatted_line_subtotal($item); ?> But, It's not working. I'm sure is this line but I don't know how to continue and I'm stuck. Thank you so much.
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